12 Feb 2019

Dr Coleman Dennehy will present give a lecture to the major Dominus Hibernie/Rex Hiberniae symposium at The National Archives, Kew on 23 March 2019

12 Feb 2019

Dr Coleman Dennehy will present a paper before the Armagh Diocesan Historical Society on 6 March 2019. He will speak on 'The trials and execution of Oliver Plunket'

18 Jan 2019

Dr Ruan O'Donnell will be participating on the 'Marching on the Road to Freedom: Reflections on a Centenary- Dail Eireann 1919'.  Full details at

30 Nov 2018
Congratulations to Holly O'Farrell, Stephen Griffin and John Harrington, History PhD Research Students and Editors, on the launch of History Studies Journal Volume 18 (the only history journal in Ireland edited and managed by postgraduate students). The Journal was launched by Assistant Dean Research Dr Niamh NicGhabhann. Many thanks to all the contributors for their submissions.