Professor Bernadette Whelan, MRIA

Professor Bernadette Whelan, MRIA
Retired Faculty
Associate Professor
Room: C1075

Professor Bernadette Whelan, Associate Professor in History

B.A. (NUI), M.A. (NUI), Ph.D. (NUI)

Associate Fellow, Department of History, University of Warwick,  UK, 2014-17.

Research Interests: Diplomacy; US-Irish relations; US foreign policy: Irish foreign policy; history of women

Bernadette Whelan’s research interests have focussed on US-Ireland diplomatic relations. Sub-themes in my research are ‘Americanisation’ specifically the transfer of American business and cultural ideas across national frontiers to include Ireland and Britain and women and gender in Irish history. She is currently researching a book on America and Ireland in the 1930s. Associate Professor Whelan has supervised a wide range of doctoral theses on US and Irish history from the nineteenth through to the twentieth century. She is a member of The Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations and a member of the editorial board of Irish Transnational Association.
Research interests
  • Diplomacy
  • US-Irish relations
  • US foreign policy
  • Irish foreign policy
  • History of women

Select publications

2021 De Valera and Roosevelt,  Irish and American Diplomacy in Times of Crisis, 1932-1939 (Cambridge University Press, 2021).

2020 Joint General Editor with Michael Kennedy, Eunan O’Halpin, Documents on Irish Foreign Policy, volume 12, (Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade/National Archives of Ireland/Royal Irish Academy, 2020)

2018 Joint General Editor with Kennedy et al, Documents on Irish Foreign Policy, volume 11, Irish Department of Foreign Affairs/National Archives of Ireland/Royal Irish Academy.

2017 ‘American propaganda and Ireland during world war one: the work of the Committee of Public Information’, Irish Studies Review. 25i. 2017, pp.1-29,

2016 'The transatlantic world of Charles Stewart Parnell, 1846-91', Journal of Transatlantic Studies (2016), iii,pp. 276-303. Doi s:10.1080/14794012.2016.1200304

2015 ‘Women on the Move: A review of the historiography of Irish emigration to the USA, 1750-1900’ Women’s History Review, vol 24, pp. 1-17 and e version.

2015 ‘Ireland, the United Nations and the Congo’, Reviews in History, Institute for Historical Research,

2015 ‘Recognition of the Irish Free State, 1924: The Diplomatic Context to the Appointment of Timothy Smiddy as the First Irish Minister to the U.S. Irish Studies in International Affairs, vol 15, pp. 121-7

Bernadette Whelan, Mary O’Dowd, Gerardine Meaney, Reading the Irishwoman: Studies in Cultural Encounters and Exchange, 1714-1960. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2013

American government in Ireland, a history of the US consular Service 1790-1913. Manchester: Manchester University Press/Palgrave, 2010

United States foreign policy and Ireland: from empire to independence, 1913-29. Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2006

Ireland and the Marshall Plan, 1947-57. Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2000

The poor relation. Irish foreign policy and the third world. Dublin. Trocaire/Gill and MacMillan (230 pp) (with Michael Holmes and Nicholas Rees), 1993

Edited books

2000 Women and Paid Work, 1500 to 1939. Dublin: Four Courts Press

1997 Clio’s Daughters: Essays on Irish Women’s History 1845 to 1939. Limerick: University of Limerick Press

1995 The last of the great wars: essays on the war of the three kings in Ireland, 1688-91. Limerick: University of Limerick Press

Edited journal edition

2014 Bernadette Whelan (ed.), ‘Marketing and Consumption History in Ireland’ , Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, issue 1.

2006 (Guest editor), Women’s History Review, volume 15, no. 4, September 2006, Special Issue ‘Family, sexuality and private life’. (with Professor Mary O’Dowd)


PhD Theses


Date of Award


Anne O’Connell


Assisted female emigration: Vere Foster’s scheme 1880-1896

Jason Begley


Limerick and the ‘economic war 1932-8’: tariff policy and its effect on industry, agriculture and labour

Conor Reidy IRCHSS


Becoming ‘a useful member of society’: an analysis of policy approaches and treatment of the young offender in the borstal system in Ireland, Clonmel 1906-21

Catherine O’Connor IRCHSS


Southern Protestantism:  the inter-relationship of religious, social and gender identity in the diocese of Ferns 1945-65

Mary McCarthy HEA


Irish rural housing policy and domestic space: a comparative north/south study, 1942-60

Theresa Hereward Ryan


An examination of the life of Edwin Wyndham-Quin, third earl of Dunraven, 1812-71

Odette Marcia Clarke


Caroline Wyndham-Quin, countess of Dunraven (1790-1870): an analysis of her discursive and material legacy

Gavin Wilk IRCHSS


Displaced allegiance: militant Irish republican activism in the United States, 1923-39

Niamh A O’Sullivan (with Dr C Lawless)


Space, identity and the late Victorian woman artist: an examination of Dorothy Tennant’s relationship with and creation of artistic, cultural and social space, 1873-90

Patrick McMahon IRCHSS GREP


The life and career of Brendan Bracken, British Minister of Information, 1941-45

Alexandra McCarthy


A study of a hobby, an accomplishment and a career: Irish women artists, 1800-1914

Tomas MacConmara


‘Always in the human consciousness of the people’, The Anglo-Irish War of Independence in county Clare 1919-21, oral history, tradition and social memory

Declan Jackson


The ‘indivisible’ truth: the public and private writings of Frank Gallagher, 1911-65


Niamh Lenahan


                       2016At the service of all who want them’: The work of the Little Company of Mary in Ireland, 1888-1980
Martin Walsh                      2016

Waging war against immorality: The role of reform organisations in the evolution of the legislative campaign against immorality in Ireland and England, 1869-1939

Catriona Delaney2017The Presentation Order and the Transformation of the Irish Denominational Secondary School, 1940-72
Anne Marie O'Brien-Graham2017'The Special Combination of Qualities and Experiences Desirable in Diplomacy is Less Frerquently Found in Women Than in Men': A study of the entry into and expriences of female diplomats in the Irish Department of External Affairs/Foreign Affairs, 1919-86