Launch of report on ‘Homelessness: An Unhealthy State’

The Partnership for Health Equity at UL GEMS, directed by Professor Anne MacFarlane, GEMS Professor of Primary Healthcare research, launched a report into the health of the homeless on Wednesday September 23rd 2015.  This was attended by HSE Deputy Director General Laverne McGuinness, and the HSE National Director of Primary Care, John Hennessy. The work was carried out with homeless people in both Dublin and Limerick, gathering information on their health status and access to care.  The report revealed stark findings in relation to the mental health of homeless people, and many recommendations for service improvements were made.

The Partnership’ website was launched on the same date, providing resources for practitioners, providers and students engaging with marginalised groups in healthcare settings across the country. The report can be found at:

 Photo: Suzanne Barror UL/NDCGP, Prof Anne MacFarlane UL GEMS, Dr Austin O’Carroll NDCGP, Dr Fiona O’Reilly UL/NDCGP, Tony Quilty HSE, Diane Nurse HSE, Laverne McGuinness HSE, Dr Patrick O’Donnell UL, John Hennessy HSE ((NDCGP = North Dublin City GP Training Scheme)