4 College Gardens

College Gardens4 College Gardens was the home of doctor and suffragette Elizabeth Bell. Bell was the first woman to qualify as a doctor in Ulster in 1893. She had a practice in Belfast, treating mainly women and young children. She was an honorary physician to the maternity and baby home for homeless and unmarried mothers at Malone Place hospital. During the first world war, she travelled to Malta and worked as a doctor for the British army in the temporary hospitals for injured allied soldiers.

Bell was active in the suffrage movement and a member of both the Irish Women’s Suffrage Society and the Women’s Social and Political Union. In 1911 she travelled to London and was arrested for throwing stones at department stores as part of demonstration activities. She also worked as a doctor for suffragettes who were imprisoned for their activities in Crumlin Road prison in Belfast.

Note: 4 College Gardens no longer exists – it was situated where Deanes at Queen's is now. The image shows numbers 8 and 9 by way of example of the type of house on the street.