1 Royal Terrace, Lisburn Road

Methodist CollegeAlice Milligan came from a protestant, unionist family and lived on Royal Terrace on the Lisburn Road while attending the Methodist College. Despite this, she became a supporter of Irish nationalism and joined the Gaelic League and the Irish Women’s Association. She initially became involved in nationalism through writing and was co-editor of the Northern Patriot and the nationalist, monthly magazine Shan Van Vocht. She was later appointed as a full-time travelling lecturer for the Gaelic League.

Milligan participated in the centenary celebrations of the 1798 rebellion. She held a number of organisational positions, including secretary of the Belfast centenary committee. She was in London at the time of the Easter Rising and attended Roger Casement’s trial while also collecting funds for the families of political prisoners. She later joined the anti-partition league. Although often forgotten, Milligan was a prominent female figure in the Irish cultural and nationalist revival.