KBS - The only irish school on a new list of UN PRME champions

Responsible education at the Kemmy Business School has been recognised by the United Nations by the recent inclusion of the School on a new list of PRME Champions published by the UN in February. The KBS is the only Irish School to be included on this prestigious list. 

PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education)  is a UN initiative to foster and develop responsibility in management education, and more than 600 Business Schools worldwide are signatories. However, there are only 29 PRME Champion schools globally, of which KBS is now one.  The Champion schools have been identified as designated leaders in this area with a mission to contribute to thought and action leadership on responsible management education in the context of the United Nations sustainable development agenda.

“The inclusion of the Kemmy Business School as the only Irish institution in the group is a recognition of our longterm engagement on issues of responsibility, ethics and sustainability”, said Dr. Sheila Killian, Director of PRME at the Kemmy Business School. “Our students and faculty are engaged across a range of activities that relate to the UN sustainable development goals, including research on poverty and decent work, on social media for social good, curriculum development on ethics, sustainability and responsibility as well as dialogue with civic authorities, local business, the arts and secondary schools to name a few areas.  It’s good for our business students to be exposed to these issues, Ireland in recent decades has really shown what can happen when very technical business disciplines are seen as something separate from governance, ethics and responsibility. We aim to make sure our graduates make better decisions and are equipped to respond, and create value both inside and outside of the companies where they will work” she added.

In October of this year, the Kemmy Business School will host a meeting of the PRME Champions, the first such meeting to take place in Ireland. A full list of the PRME Champion Schools is available at www.unprme.org

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