A Chance in China

I came across the CRCC programme when Dr Kathryn O’Sullivan encouraged me to apply for one of the scholarships on offer. CRCC Asia specialises in connecting China and the global community through award-winning internships, study abroad programmes and consulting services. I knew this was a wonderful chance to gain excellent work experience, in addition to the opportunity of living and working in China.

"Students from the University of Limerick are very lucky to be presented with such fantastic opportunities to work or study abroad."

I worked in a company called Legal Mall which is a subsidiary of Ray Yin & Partners. It deals with foreign clients looking to establish a business presence in China or to deal with a legitimate Chinese business. It provides services such as company verification, certificate verification, finding a lawyer, recommending a supplier and providing free consultation. During my internship most of my time at the beginning was spent redesigning and making changes to the company website. That was a good learning experience and I was thrilled to be given such responsibility.  I also researched and wrote business articles for Alibaba, through this I learned a lot about online trading in China.

I think in most western countries having an international work experience, especially in a country that is fast-paced and vibrant like China, is highly regarded. It shows to prospective employers you can adjust to a new situation and you are willing to learn new things. I feel like this will really boost my CV and help me to really stand out from the crowd. I am very grateful to CRCC for the amazing opportunity they gave me the best summer of my life. Their level of help and guidance was definitely above and beyond my expectations and their networking events really helped to build my confidence.

The best part of my experience in China was meeting the other interns from all over the world. Building relationships through networking is the most basic and central part of doing business in China. I really enjoyed my time in China. With its rich culture, fascinating history and very hospitable locals, it is hard not to fall in love with this beautiful country. Students from the University of Limerick are very lucky to be presented with such fantastic opportunities to work or study abroad.

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