Dolores O’Riordan In Memoriam 1971 - 2018

Ber Angley, Entertainment Manager for UL Students’ Union Ents Society in the 80s and 90s, remembers Dolores O’Riordan.

It was a great period for live acts with up to 22 events taking place each week in the nineties.

One of those events was a showcase gig every Tuesday in the Stables Club thanks to UL Music Society – this continues to this day. Sometime in 1990 I was in Xerick Studios where I met The Cranberries for the first time. I was impressed by that fantastic voice and the songs blew me away, so I booked them as support for a gig in the Stables. I could see all the band was nervous with the exception of Fergal (Lawler, drummer). Dolores O’Riordan was very shy but really nice. I remember she wore a big red baggy jumper.

It was after the second Stables gig that I decided to take a risk and put them on in one of our Thursday venues, a pay-in gig. Some 900 people turned up. I got to know the band better and Dolores’ brother PJ. At the time he was an accounting finance student, he formed a company, Curtin Call, to take care of their business affairs.

It was in Rag Week 1991 during Limerick’s Treaty 300 events that we decided to hire a warehouse in the Jetland centre. After a low turnout on Wednesday, the Cranberries were the saving grace; 32 record company reps turned up and had to form a queue outside the door to have a few minutes with the band. They later signed to Island Records.

In the summer of ‘93, Paul Charles, the band’s agent, asked if I was interested in putting on a show in Limerick that December. Although it wasn’t term time I decided to risk it and booked the Theatre Royal. Meanwhile the band were taking off in the USA and two weeks before the gig, it was sold out. The band had bought most of the balcony seats for family and friends. The gig was great and it was to be the last Cranberries gig that I would promote.

I met Noel (Hogan, guitarist) and PJ on many occasions over the years but sadly I did not get to meet Dolores in the later days. She was kind, witty, caring and extremely talented, as are the rest of the band and crew and
I was delighted to work with them in the early days. I am also happy that UL played a part in their success.

I am shocked and saddened by her passing. On the Friday following her death, when I was DJ-ing at the Stables in UL, 400 students sang Zombie as a tribute.