Think Big at UL

Friends, we want our story to stand out from the crowd by telling our stories with flair and colour. For a university that has challenged convention and at times broken the mould, we want to do the same with how UL tells its story.

We set the editorial bar quite high with the theme of #ThinkBigAtUL for 2017 but I think the scale and breadth of these articles has cleared that bar. Central to all of these stories are some outstanding UL people such as Razan Ibraheem, Robert Mortell, Mark Quinn and Brenda Romero. There is a clear outward looking, global theme – from New York to Ghana to the Himalayas to the Golan Heights and Syria.

This is a digital-first publication with being the home of some amazing new video, stories and images. Each will be shared and promoted across multiple channels nationally and internationally, adding up to another major declaration of a university that is telling its story on today’s channels and doing so on a scale that matches its ambition. So snap us, like us, share us and friend us.

I would like to thank my colleagues in the UL Marketing and Communications Division – they are working very hard to transform how UL tells its story so that it reaches a wider audience and this is reflected throughout these pages. I would also like to thank our many contributors across the university, to the two UL Final Year Project students, Seán and Áine, who made a great addition to the team and to the many UL graduates who became our stories.

A big thanks too to our friends in the UL Alumni Association and a special word of thanks to the latest addition to the UL community, Munster Rugby. I think the story of UL and Munster Rugby collaborations is only beginning, so watch this space.

I hope you enjoy the 2017 UL Links and I hope you will share these stories on your chosen social media. We want UL to stand out and so we invite you to #ThinkBigAtUL.

Mark Mulqueen

Director of Marketing & Communications