“You have to love wanting to find out the story”

Tuesday, 1st August 2017

Fiona Reidy - MA in Journalism 

I started the Master’s in Journalism at the start of this year; it’s a wonderful programme. I also play rugby for Ireland so I thought UL was the perfect choice for me to manage a master’s programme while training for the World Cup that will be hosted in Dublin next year. It’s been brilliant so far. Our national regional training centre is based here in UL and because I received a UL Sports scholarship I live in on- campus student accommodation so everything is on my doorstep; it’s quite handy.

I studied New Media and English in UL and I always had a broad interest in journalism and newspapers; I love to read, I love to write, so it was always something I wanted to do. My options were to do a teaching postgrad which was 2 years long or a masters in journalism which was only 1, so that’s the main reason I chose to do this.

I chose to come back here again because I think UL is a highly recognised institution worldwide and to get a qualification from here is well worth it; the academic standards in UL are quite high. The student academic supports are really good too, take the First Seven Weeks programme for new students to the university, I personally didn’t take anything out of it being a previous student but its huge for someone who might be struggling or doesn’t know anyone and to give them that extra hand is important.

The academic facilities for this MA are excellent. We have a newsroom equipped with all brand new Mac computers with all the software you could imagine and there is enough for everyone. I can walk to the newsroom from home and you can access it with your student ID card anytime you want; even out of hours security can let you in.

I think it’s important that you have to like what you are going into. The course is full on because it is a one-year masters. You have to love writing, you have to love reading, you have to love wanting to find out the story. Modules in our first semester include “Professional Skills for Journalism and Team Project” where we are putting together a newspaper, The Limerick Voice, and there’s also online section for that. There are also modules on Media Law, Introduction to Broadcasting and another writing module; Journalistic Writing for News. It covers everything but you are expected to do a lot of work for The Limerick Voice and the law module is a lot of extra work as well; you have to be prepared to immerse yourself.

I think my employability will be good, there are so many different parts to the course so you get a good foundation and you can go into any element of broadcasting from research to reporting and digital design, anything!