Dr. Louise Lehane - Lecturer in Education

Dr. Louise Lehane - Lecturer in Education
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Dr. Louise Lehane is a lecturer in Education in St Angela’s College, Sligo, a college of the National University of Ireland, Galway. She lectures primarily in General Pedagogics, Science/Biology Pedagogics and Sociology of Education and acts as the microteaching coordinator within the Education Department. Her diversity of knowledge results in a large part from her experience of teaching on several modules within the University of Limerick during her time as a PhD student, research assistant and post-doctoral researcher in the School of Education with the latter two positions held within EPI*STEM.

Louise completed her undergraduate studies in the University of Limerick by qualifying with a BSc in Education in 2010 to become a qualified biology and chemistry teacher. Her interests in research stemmed from her work in PBL tasks that she completed as part of her degree. She was successfully awarded IRCSET funding to complete a PhD in Science Education working under the supervision of Dr. John O’Reilly and Dr. Geraldine Mooney-Simmie. Her PhD focused on the use of a pedagogical content knowledge lens to support the development of pre-service science teachers’ scientific inquiry orientations within a professional learning community. Her PhD journey afforded her the opportunity to present her research at numerous conferences thereby building up her research network and helping her to develop the skill of presenting educational theory and research.

As mentioned, Louise taught on several modules within the School of Education such as Curriculum Studies and Teacher as Professional. She also worked on the FP7-funded Chain Reaction project, working with 11 partner countries focused on developing a sustainable approach to inquiry-based science education. This position allowed her to continue to build links both internationally and locally with partner schools involved from the Irish context. Her role here was also diverse in nature tasked with administrative, management and research responsibilities.

Her colleagues within the School of Education also provided opportunities to work on several projects/initiatives over the course of her time here.

All of this experience led her to further professional opportunities and though she is no longer within the University of Limerick, she still maintains both professional and personal links with those who remain within the School of Education.