Masterclass on 'Statistical Issues in Clinical Research' - 6-7th December

CSTAR@UL/HRI are holding a masterclass on 'Statistical Issues in Clinical Research' taught by Prof Stephen Senn, Edinburgh. This course will run at the University Hospital Limerick on 6-7th December (9:30-5:30 day one and 9-3:00 day two) and will include the following topics:

  •  Philosophy (Causality and thinking statistically);
  • Theory (An elementary explanation of the differences between Bayesians and frequentists). Practical (Design, allocation to treatment and sample size determination.)
  • Baseline and Covariate Information (if, when and how to adjust Measuring Treatment Effects(Transformations, dichotomies, intention to treat, missing data and multiplicity)
  • Beyond the Single Centre Parallel Group Trial (Multi-centre trials, cross-over trials and cluster randomised trials)
  • Beyond average effects (Subgroups, personalised medicine, n-of.1 trials and real world data).

This course will be beneficial for those involved in health research as well as those making similar decisions/interpretations in their analyses. A basic statistical knowledge is all that is required. All HRI members are welcome to book this course free by contacting before 3rd December (we have limited spaces). If you are not an HRI member please email for registration form.


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