People have expert knowledge about their own health and illness. It is essential that this knowledge is respected and included in health research. This is recognised by agencies such as the World Health Organisation, funding agencies (Health Research Board 2016-2020) and the HSE (HSE Service User Involvement Strategy 2008-2013). It also resonates with UL’s commitment to Community Engagement (Broadening Horizons 2015-2019).

Within the HRI, the Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) sub theme will under-pin all three themes: Lifestyle and Health, Health Services Delivery and Technology Enhanced Health Outcomes.  The HRI PPI work will be led by Professor Anne MacFarlane, Professor of Primary Healthcare Research at the Graduate Entry Medical School, who also established the Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) research group.  The work will focus on high quality PPI and expanding the evidence base about PPI in practice.  We aim to promote meaningful involvement of patients and the public in all aspects of health research.

The objectives of the PPI theme are to capitalise on current expertise in UL, develop capacity for more PPI in UL and contribute to the international evidence base.

Current areas of work:

  • PPI seminars with speakers from UL, Ireland and abroad
  • Dilemma Cafes to progress PPI in UL
  • Annual PPI Summer School

The Irish Health Research Forum has defined Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) as follows:
PPI occurs when individuals meaningfully and actively collaborate in the governance, priority setting, and conduct of research, as well as in summarizing, distributing, sharing, and applying its resulting knowledge.

The IHRF has identified a range of possible PPI activities (& they can overlap)

  • As co-applicants on a research project
  • Involvement in identifying research priorities (at a national, institutional or charity level)
  • As members of a project advisory or steering group.
  • Assisting with the developing of patient information leaflets or other research materials
  • Carrying out the research
  • Dissemination and implementation of the research outcomes
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