Prof Stephen Gallagher

Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Assistant Dean of Research Faculty of Education & Health Sciences

Keywords: Immunity Psychology Stress Social Support Reactivity

I am a health psychologist and a psychology lecturer (above the bar), in the Department of Psychology, and have been here in UL since 2010. In UL I am also a member of a number of research groups including the Health Research Institute, the Centre for Social Issues Research ( director of the Study of Anxiety, Stress and Health Lab (

My main research interests focus on the impact of stress, both chronic and acute, on health and well-being in humans. I am particularly interested in looking at how stress gets into the body to cause disease through biobehavioural pathways including hormones, (Cortisol/DHEA), the immune system (antibody responses) and the cardiovascular system (blood pressure). I am also interested in conducting positive psychological interventions to improve health as well as examining the determinants of physical activity in patients living with chronic illnesses.

I have a number of ongoing projects. One is looking at the stress of unemployment and its impact on the stress hormones cortisol and DHEA, while another study is delivering a randomised controlled trial of a benefit-finding intervention to caregivers. Lastly, I am doing some qualitative research on patients with chronic illnesses who are involved with physical activity interventions.


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