Niamh Cummins

Research Manager at the Centre for Prehospital Research

Keywords: Prehospital Emergency Medical Services Spinal Immobilisation Air Ambulance osteoporosis

Dr. Niamh Cummins is the Research Manager at the Centre for Prehospital Research in the Graduate Entry Medical School. Her role there is to support and foster research within the prehospital community in Ireland. In order to fulfil this role Dr. Cummins promotes evidence-based practice to paramedics by conducting educational workshops to develop research skills and provides individual research support to prehospital practitioners. Niamh’s background is as a scientist in physiology, biomedical diagnostics and public health, therefore her own research interests are many and varied. Prior to her focus on research in prehospital care she was involved in the development of novel diagnostics for prediction of osteoporotic fracture risk and their evaluation in pre-clinical and clinical trials. Current research projects include a study of the clinical activity of the advanced paramedic which is a relatively new role in our ambulance services. Niamh is also investigating the spinal immobilisation of trauma patients in road traffic collisions and exploring the work of the recently founded national Emergency Aeromedical Service.


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