Dr Declan Aherne

Head of Counselling

Keywords: primary care psychotherapy mindfulness depression

Research interests – primary mental health care, psychologists specialising in psychotherapy, mindfulness in medicine, how to research depression.

Current Research Projects –
- Mindfulness in western society
- Attitude to mindfulness in GEMS
- Comparing competencies of psychologists and non-psychologists psychotherapists.
- Piloting a psychology based primary mental health care service prototype.
- Audit of mental health presentations at student health centre.
- Psychotherapy practice amongst clinical psychologists.


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  • Aherne,D., Farrant, K.,Hickey, L.Hickey, E.McGrath, L.,McGrath, D. (2016)  Mindfulness based stress reduction for medical students: optimising student satisfaction and engagement.  BMC Medical Education.16:209.

  • Aherne,D., McElvaney,R. (2016). A call for dialogue:  psychotherapists and psychologists specialising in psychotherapy, European Journal of Psychotherapy & Counselling, 18:1, 58-74.

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  • Aherne, D. (2002) Understanding student stress: a Qualitative approach.  Irish Journal of Psychology, 22,3/4,176-187.

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