Dr Brian P. Carson

Exercise Physiologist

Keywords: Exercise; Muscle; Metabolism; Food; Health

Dr Brian Carson is an Exercise Physiologist in the Physical Education and Sport Sciences department at the University of Limerick. Brian's research interests are primarily focussed on the plasticity and metabolic adaptation of skeletal muscle in response to exercise and how this can be modified through interaction with nutrition. Brian’s current research projects are investigating the association between physical activity behaviours and metabolic health with a specific focus on how exercise regulates metabolic flexibility on a whole body level. Therefore, the regulation of whole body metabolism by skeletal muscle contraction and myokine release is of specific interest. In collaboration with a number of PIs at UL, Brian currently receives funding from the Food for Health Ireland 2 (FHI2) programme to investigate the efficacy of nutrient supplementation with proteins mined from milk to provide metabolic outcomes which support Healthy Ageing and Performance Nutrition (HAPN).


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