Unique international workshop on materials characterisation held at UL

Prof Eiichia Fukada, Kobayasi Institute of Physical Research, Tokyo and Prof Tewfik Soulimane, Director MOSAIC Research Group

A unique international workshop on materials characterisation was recently held at UL. Hosted by the Modelling Simulation And Innovative Characterisation (MOSAIC) research group at the Bernal Institute, the workshop ‘Frontiers in Materials Characterisation towards Industrial Translation (FRIMACHAT), is a joint undertaking with the European Materials Characterisation Council (EMCC) supported by Science Foundation Ireland and local industry including Analog Devices International, BorgWarnerBeru Systems and Spectrum Instruments Limited. 

Pictured above is founding father of piezoelectricity in bone, 95 year old Prof Eiichia Fukada, Kobayasi Institute of Physical Research, Tokyo, Japan and Prof Tewfik Soulimane, Director MOSAIC Research Group, Bernal Institute, UL.Prof Fukada delivered an address entitled “Polymer piezoelectricity: Bases and Applications” at the inaugural international workshop on materials characterization.

“This international workshop is bringing together high profile speakers and attendees from Europe, Japan, USA, Russia and industrial partners who are at the forefront of translation of innovative characterisation tools and methods for both scientific advancements and industrial applications” informs Professor Tewfik Soulimane, who is the Chair of the FRIMACHAT Workshop and also the Director of the MOSAIC research group.

“The workshop will bring together scientific and technological advances in the field of characterisation for both conventional and advanced manufacturing. The need for such convergence spans across all kind of technology sectors such as biotechnology, (bio)-pharma, nanotechnology, information and communication technology, medical and veterinary devices”, Professor Soulimane added.

Professor Luuk van der Wielen, Director, Bernal Institute highlights the timeliness of the FRIMACHAT workshop.  “The University of Limerick has just secured €15 Million in grants from Science Foundation Ireland mostly for materials characterisation equipment, which is a continuation of two decades of national funding to University of Limerick aiming at developing and sustaining a Centre of Excellence in materials characterisation. It is also highly synergistic to a number of European Commission funded H2020 and FP7 projects that Bernal Institute has coordinated and partnered”

Professor Edmond Magner, the Dean of Science and Engineering UL emphasis,  the significance of FRIMACHAT. “This workshop is significant for the growing number of manufacturing companies investing in the Limerick region which positions this region as an ideal location for innovation hubs for cutting edge research for the society and the economy”. He thanks the European Materials Characterisation Council (EMCC) for endorsing this Workshop and anticipates that the workshop will stimulate dialogue, reinforce ongoing collaboration and develop new collaborations between industry and academic stakeholders across Europe and beyond. “I am really pleased to see that University of Limerick has worked as the catalyst to germinate this new emphasis of research in materials characterisation as it has been long needed by European industry”.

The MOSAIC group is located within the Bernal Institute where it addresses both academic and industrial needs in European materials, process and manufacturing sectors. It undertakes activities from fundamental breakthroughs, to technological innovation, and on to implementation into demonstration and pilot products. The group brings together expertise from across scientific and engineering disciplines who have worked together on numerous national European and industry funded projects. (www.mosaicteam.eu)