UL Study on how stress affects both unemployed and those in employment

Researchers at UL’s Centre for Social Issues Research are looking for people to take part in a new study that will use people’s spit to measure levels of stress associated with employment and unemployment.

According to Dr Rachel Sumner, a postdoctoral researcher at UL, both employed and unemployed people experience stress and poor health and the aim of the study is to discover if there are any common factors by collecting and examining saliva samples.

“We know that stress damages the body in terms of our mental and physical health, and studies have looked in to what causes this damage for a long time now. Our study aim is to look at how stress gets inside the body to cause this damage,” Dr Sumner explained.

The research team led by Dr Sumner and Dr Stephen Gallagher of the Centre for Social Issues Research, will look at how stress gets in to the body through examining stress hormones in saliva (Cortisol and DHEA).