UL Launches Researcher Development Programme

Prof John Forbes, GEMS, Prof Edmond Magner, Dean, Faculty of Science & Engineering, Dr Leonard Browne, GEMS and Rachel Shawe, Dept of Chemical Sciences.

The University of Limerick recently launched the Researcher Development Programme which aims to support and attract excellent researchers. The programme which is available to all researchers, has been informed by international best practice and is designed to be flexible so that researchers can avail of the training and supports they need to help them succeed in their chosen career. The Researcher Development Programme has been a collaborative initiative led by Professor Kevin Ryan, with strong involvement across all the faculties, and coordinated by the HR Division. 

The opportunities for researchers and doctoral graduates are rapidly expanding, with options in academia and beyond.  In recent years, the number of researchers employed in Ireland has been increasing, with over 35,000 personnel working in R&D across all the sectors of the economy in 2015 and over 52% of those are in the business sector (Innovation 2020, DBEI 2017). The Researcher Development Programme is designed to provide researchers with a suite of supports that they can harness to allow them to succeed in their chosen career.

The programme provides a 3 step process.

Step 1: Planning your career
Step 2: Research Training  Development Programme – avail of a suite of 24 workshops, seminars designed in accordance to the Vitae Researcher Development Framework spheres: Knowledge & Intellectual Abilities, Personal Effectiveness, Research Governance and Organisation, Engagement, Influence & Impact.
To find out more to go: https://www.ul.ie/hr/researcher-support/
Step 3: E-Portfolio & Accreditation - an international certificate of completion and digital badge issued.

The first step for a researcher or PI looking to get involved is to email researchdevelopment@ul.ie

Find out more about the UL Researcher Development Programme or contact researchdevelopment@ul.ie

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