UL celebrates International Women’s Day

Fiona Mc Carthy, Dell EMC, Jim Breen, Johnson & Johnson, Dr Mary Shire, University of Limerick

The University of Limerick collaborated with Dell EMC to host the International Women’s Day Event “Changing Mindsets”. The event was supported by Johnson and Johnson and held at Dell EMCs’ Limerick Campus. Over 200 people from the Mid-West attended the event which involved discussions exploring the challenge of changing mindsets.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Mary Shire, Vice President Research, University of Limerick said: “Understanding the barriers and misconceptions that females face in terms of STEM is complex. The student-led research being carried out at UL through the WiSTEM2D programme is exploring these barriers and misconceptions and will provide us with a better understanding that can lead to changes in how we address these in a more holistic and evidence-based way.”

UL students participating in the WiSTEM2D programme also attended the event, WiSTEM2D is an ambitious programme supported by Johnson and Johnson and is geared at getting girls excited about Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, Medicine and Design. UL is the only university in Europe participating in this international programme. Speaking in relation WiSTEM2D, Dr. Mary Shire said “At UL there is a long history of research into STEM education and we graduate the largest cohort of science teachers in the country”. Prizes were presented for projects undertaken by students in the WiSTEM2D programme.

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