UL and Cornell Hold International Conference on Public Private Partnerships

Dr Eoin Reeves, Director of the Privatisation and PPP Research Group at the University of Limerick

The fourth annual international conference on Public Private Partnerships has been co-organised by Dr Eoin Reeves, Director of the Privatisation and PPP Research Group at the University of Limerick in conjunction with Cornell University and the Universitat de Barcelona.

The conference titled Public Perceptions of Public-Private Partnerships will be held in New York City on September 15-16th 2015.  Previous conferences in this series were held at the Copenhagen Business School, Sauder Business School (University of British Columbia) and Monash University in Melbourne.  UL’s participation in this international conference demonstrates its strategic commitment to research collaboration on themes of global importance with the world’s leading universities.

Public-private partnerships are gaining in popularity as a public infrastructure delivery method around the globe.  The adoption of PPPs in many countries, however, has been slowed and in some cases halted by public scepticism and broadly negative perceptions.
This conference assembles leading international scholars in the PPP space to better understand the interactions between public perceptions and the use of public-private partnerships.

Dr Reeves explained that the conference provides an excellent opportunity for interaction between international experts in the field of infrastructure policy and PPPs.  The conference is particularly timely as governments around the world struggle to address infrastructure deficits at a time of constraints on public finances.  In addition there is growing scepticism about the involvement of private finance in public infrastructure and the possibility of privatisation.   Follow-up conferences will be held at the University of Limerick, Universitat de Barcelona and Southwest Jiaotong University (China).

Full conference details can be accessed here.