Thesis in Three videos

UL Thesis in Three winner - Jean Rizk

From April 23-26 Graduate & Professional Studies in conjunction with the Assistant Deans in each faculty organised a thesis in three competition for each of the four faculties, up 12 participants from each faculty competed in four faculty heats . Each faculty sponsored prize money for the top three. The contestants presented an overview of their research in three minutes using three power point slides in an open forum. A judging panel selected three winners from each of the faculty heats to participate in a university wide competition.The 12 finalists competed in a University Final on 22 May 2018, the overall winner of the competition was Jean Rizk from the Faculty of Science & Engineering. Jean is using Mathematics and Statistics to find solutions for the queueing problems that currently arise in Irish healthcare services.

You can view all of the finalists videos on the UL Thesis in Three 2018 playlist on YouTube