Starting Investigator Research Grant (SIRG) 2018

The SFI Starting Investigator Research Grant (SIRG) aims to support excellent post-doctoral researchers who wish to take steps towards a fully independent research career in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). This programme supports award holders in establishing research independence, whereby the programme funds both the Starting Investigator (SI) and a PhD candidate for a four year duration.

A maximum of 12 candidates can be nominated by UL. In preparation for this, we request all interested UL applicants to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) by email to  - deadline 29th January, 2018, 13.00. Please find details of this EoI call in the enclosed document, along with SFI’s full call document and FAQ document.

Further details of this SFI programme can be accessed through the SFI website using the following link - SFI SIRG 2018

Key dates:

SFI Webinar 19th January, 2018 14.00 (register here)
UL Expression of Interest Deadline 29th January, 2018 13.00
Institutional submission of approved candidates 22nd February, 2018 13.00
SIRG Full submission deadline 29th March, 2018 13.00

If you have any further query on this programme, please do not hesitate to contact Sinead O'Doherty.