RIA Charlemont Award for MACSI's Dr Iain Moyles

Professor Michael Peter Kennedy, President RIA & Dr Iain Moyles, MACSI

On Monday 19 February, the 2018 class of Charlemont Scholars were presented with their certificates at an awards ceremony for invited guests, friends and family.

Professor Michael Peter Kennedy, President of the Royal Irish Academy, presented the 2018 Charlemont scholars with their certificates and congratulated them on their success. Professor Kennedy noted the importance of the award and the diversity of disciplines awarded.

Among the winners was Dr Iain Moyles from MACSI, the Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry in UL. The award will facilitate the expansion of Dr Iain Moyles' lithium-ion battery mathematical modelling consortium. Dr Moyles and his group aims to develop mathematical models to develop a better understanding of the theory behind design and operation of batteries while also improving simulation methods and speeds to reduce experimental costs. Royal Irish Academy support will support the incorporation of thermal effects in operation models,  which will ultimately create a better understanding of the dominant heat-generation processes.