Research Integrity Training

The availability of online training on Research Integrity (RI) was communicated to all staff at the end of May. Many external research funders (including SFI, HRB, IRC, and the European Commission) now expect prospective and current grant recipients to engage with RI training as part of their overall research practice, from PI to postgrad researcher level.

Two online modules on Research Integrity are available: 

• Research Integrity (Intro): An introductory course for new researchers, PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, and early-career faculty on the topic of Research Integrity

• Research Integrity (Concise): A “refresher” course for experienced researchers such as PhD supervisors and Principal Investigators including those funded by the above-named agencies or who are planning on applying for funding from said agencies

To access the training, please email requesting access, including your name and departmental/faculty affiliation. You will receive a response detailing how to go about accessing the online programme in due course.