Nexus based Arralis secures €50m investment from Hong Kong-based consortium

Eamon Boland, Marie Bourke, Barry Lunn, Valerie Somers and Denver Humphrey of Arralis

Irish tech firm Arralis, based at the Nexus Innovation Centre in the University of Limerick, has secured a €50 million investment from a consortium of Hong Kong-based investors that will allow the company to expand its operations and add up to 25 new jobs.

Arralis is developing products that are considered the future of global radar and wireless communications. Using high millimetre-wave (mmwave) technology that forms the foundations of 5G communications, its products have applications in self-driving car technology and satellite technology among other industries.

The high frequency and short wavelength allows for higher resolution radar and will allow the size of components to be scaled down to a fraction of the size of the current ones.

Vastly improved radar systems, massively increased mobile internet bandwidth and range, improved navigation systems for driverless cares, and superior drone guidance systems are just a few of the applications the new technology developed.

Arralis voted “Innovation of the Year” at the 2016 Irish Times Innovation awards, was established in 2013 by Barry Lunn and chief technology officer Mike Gleaves. They have already secured contracts with the European Space Agency, the UK Ministry of Defence, and Beijing Bluesky Aviation Technology and Sino TekCo in China.

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