MOF Technologies to collaborate with UL researchers to develop technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

MOF Technologies will collaborate with University of Limerick to develop Two New Metal Organic Frameworks with outstanding Gas Capture and Storage Capabilities

MOF Technologies has agreed to develop for commercialisation two MOFs from the University of Limerick (UL) designed to be highly selective for carbon capture and storage.

In response to an EU-led initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across European member states, researchers at the University of Limerick (UL) have developed a new class of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) which have proven to be highly effective for carbon capture and storage.

The research team responsible for the development of TIFSIX and SIFSIX - the two MOFs in question - was led by Prof Mike Zaworotko, Bernal Chair of Crystal Engineering at UL, and member of MOF Technologies' Scientific Advisory Board.

MOF Technologies – the Belfast based company and leader in MOF production and Research, has agreed to develop the TIFSIX and SIFSIX MOFs, from the prestigious third level institute in Limerick

"We have been working with Prof Zaworotko since 2014," says MOF Technologies CEO, Dr Paschal McCloskey. “He is recognized as one of the leading innovators in MOF research. The 2030 Climate and Energy Framework commits all EU member states to a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over the coming years. The development of this new class of adsorbent materials by Zaworotko and the team at UL, which exhibit unprecedented Gas capture and storage potential, combined with MOF Technologies' ability to produce MOFs on a commercial scale, will provide Ireland with an opportunity to make a real contribution to the global fight against climate change."