Journalism in times of crisis

University of Limerick Journalism Lecturer Dr. Henry Silke

This 7 April UL is organising a conference entitled ‘Journalism in times of crisis’. The conference will look at the political and economic role journalism plays in crisis periods. Two panel sessions will be held, firstly on media concentration and secondly on the framing of the water protests. The panel discussions will include academics, journalists, politicians and broadcasters. Parallel sessions on the media representation of economics, class and gender will be held alongside discussions on disruptions in journalism and finally a roundtable discussion on new and radical media. Award winning investigative journalist Gemma O’Doherty will open the conference on the theme of journalism and power; other speakers will include Gavan Titley, Harry Browne, Julien Mercille, Byran Dobson, Seamus Dooley amongst many others. The conference proceedings will be published in an edited collection.

University of Limerick Journalism Lecturer Dr. Henry Silke alongside Prof. Paschal Preston of DCU and Prof. Andrea Grisold from the Vienna University of Economics and Business have recently won funding for an international research project entitled  ‘Mediation of Economic Inequality’. The project focusses on the media coverage of Thomas Piketty’s best-selling book Capital in the 21st Century, exploring how the content of the book is represented in the media. The media attention for C21 saw considerable variations in the way it was discussed, be it attitude, selected content, or regional cultural differences, amongst others. To account for possible regional cultural differences, the project specifically include four countries (Austria, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom) within two different language regions in the European Union to capture variations in term of the institutional setting of both the politico-economic situation as well as the media markets.

University of Limerick Lecturer of Journalism Dr. Henry Silke is currently in the finishing stages of a major international research project entitled ‘Journalism role performance around the globe’. Journalism role performance is a concept that considers how journalists see their own role and the role of the industry in society comparing it with the actual content they produce. The international project has already completed a major content analysis of journalistic text in over 24 countries and is at the moment in the process of conducting surveys of journalists.The main objective of the project is to compare journalistic role performance cross nationally, understanding the influence that different media systems have on the practice of journalism, as well as the gap between role conceptions and professional practice. Specifically, this study connects the characteristics of different professional role conceptions that have been theoretically and empirically operationalized and validated in comparative contexts (that is journalists understanding of what role they should play in society), with the study of news production (the visibility of such a role in news content). Details of the project can be found here: