New head of Lero, the Irish Software Research Centre announced

Professor Brian Fitzgerald has been appointed director of Lero, the Irish Software Research Centre which is headquartered at the University of Limerick (UL). He replaces Professor Mike Hinchey following an eight year term of office.

Roscommon born Professor Fitzgerald was formerly chief scientist at Lero and has been involved with the Science Foundation Ireland supported national research centre since its inception in 2005, apart from a spell as vice-president research at UL from 2008-2011.

Automated cars will be a game changer for the motor insurance sector

We are beginning to enter the twilight of the driving era as we know it and in a few decades, it will be rare for humans to be in control of a tonne of metal travelling in excess of 100km per hour. For those of us with young children, the likelihood is that they will never drive a car.

In many respects this has to a good thing, with global road deaths running at more than 1 million people per year and tens of millions injured each year, the quantum of pain caused by road transport is unimaginable. This era of road transport has, with some justification, been labelled autogeddon.

World Leading Researcher in Structural Mechanics for Composite Materials Joins University of Limerick

Prof Paul Weaver

The University of Limerick has appointed Professor Paul Weaver as Bernal Chair of Composite Materials and Structures.  He will lead a cutting edge research programme which will position Ireland as an international hub for advancing products and services in the Composite Materials sector.

Prof. Paul Weaver has been awarded €6.1 million in funding under the Science Foundation Ireland Research Professorship programme to work on the VARICOMP project. The VARICOMP project will develop large scale customised engineering structures tailored at each phase of construction to meet specific requirements using additive layer manufacturing techniques.

UL Launches the Bernal Institute - an €86million Science and Engineering Research Institute

David Egan, Senior Researcher, UL President Prof Don Barry and An Taoiseach Enda Kenny

An Taoiseach Enda Kenny today (Monday 21st November) launched the Bernal Institute at the University of Limerick, an €86 million science and engineering research institute comprised of 20,000m2 of high quality, multi-purpose research space in the new Science and Engineering Zone at UL.

UL research leads to osteoporosis home test

Millions of people will now be able to check their risk of developing osteoporosis with a new over-the-counter test, developed from research originally undertaken in 2004 at University of Limerick.

The Osentia® Osteoporosis screening test, a new clinically-proven, safe and accurate at-home test is now available for the first time initially in the UK.

The test uses the latest screening technology to assess an individuals’ risk of suffering fragility fractures, a common sign of osteoporosis, by analysing a fingernail or toenail clipping and providing results in just seven days.

Maths collaboration brings the perfect coffee a step closer

Mathematicians are a step closer to answering what, for some, is one of life’s most pressing questions – how to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Advanced mathematical analysis of a “hideously complicated” set of variables reveals that the size of the coffee grain is critical, followed by a long list of other factors.

This information is expected to be of particular interest to industrial manufacturers of coffee machines.

Irish surgeon identifies emerging area of medical science

Professor of Surgery at UL’s Graduate Entry Medical School, J Calvin Coffey

A University of Limerick, Ireland, professor has identified an emerging area of science having reclassified part of the digestive system as an organ.

The mesentery, which connects the intestine to the abdomen, had for hundreds of years been considered a fragmented structure made up of multiple separate parts. However, research by Professor of Surgery at UL’s Graduate Entry Medical School, J Calvin Coffey, found the mesentery is one, continuous structure.

Applying Maths to Solve Social Problems

Peter Fennell who was recently awarded a James S McDonnell Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship

An Irish researcher is using maths to discover how information, behaviour and trends spread through social networks and is finding unusual applications for his work including on the streets of Los Angeles.

Applied mathematics researcher Peter Fennell, who completed his PhD in University of Limerick’s Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry (MACSI), was recently granted a James S McDonnell Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship in Studying Complex Systems.

Irish researchers work on soft exoskeleton to aid mobility

Dr Adam de Eyto and Dr Leonard O'Sullivan

Researchers working on a wearable-robotics project, aimed at improving movement for people with reduced mobility, plan to build the first fully-functional prototype of ‘intelligent’ trousers by 2019.

The soft, biometic exoskeleton would allow older people or people with disabilities to move their legs by detecting movement intention.

A group from University of Limerick is part of the European team of researchers, led by the Italian Institute of Technology, which has begun work on the wearable soft-robotics intelligent-clothing system.