UL confers awards on 1,621 graduates at winter ceremonies

Dr Monika Zacharska, Poland and Dr Marystela Barreto Lopes, Brazil, University of Limerick

UL recently celebrated the graduation of 1,621 students at our winter conferring ceremonies. During the ceremonies, 64 PhDs were awarded as part of UL's continued commitment to fourth level education in Ireland.

Starting Investigator Research Grant (SIRG) 2018

The SFI Starting Investigator Research Grant (SIRG) aims to support excellent post-doctoral researchers who wish to take steps towards a fully independent research career in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). This programme supports award holders in establishing research independence, whereby the programme funds both the Starting Investigator (SI) and a PhD candidate for a four year duration.

Did Brexit and the US election make you more radical?

Political disillusionment leads to more extreme political views, according to studies carried out by researchers at UL. The new research, published this week in scientific journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, found that the experience of disillusionment is likely to occur when people’s political goals are not realised or their strong convictions are proved inaccurate or false.

Advance notice of Irish Research Council funding calls

We have advance notice of three calls to be launched in early new year from the Irish Research Council for New Foundations, New Horizons and Research for Policy and Society. We understand the latter programmes will be merged and the deadline is 19th February (to be confirmed) for all three programmes.

UL research establishes child involvement in organised crime

Professor Shane Kilcommins, David Stanton, TD, Dr Catherine Naughton and Professor Sean Redmond

A University of Limerick study has established evidence that the deliberate involvement of children in criminal networks can be found throughout Ireland and extends beyond the ‘Greentown’ single area study.

The National Prevalence Study, launched by Minister of State David Stanton, TD has established that findings from the ‘Lifting a Lid on Greentown’ research based on an original single case study design, can be applied to the general Irish context. The study was undertaken by Dr Catherine Naughton and Dr Sean Redmond, from the UL School of Law.

Specialist Diploma launched to assist the pharmaceutical sector

Dr Sarah Hayes, John Halligan T.D., Dr Ann Ledwith, and Jon O’Halloran

The Synthesis and Solid State Pharmaceutical Research Centre (SSPC), a Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Research Centre and the University of Limerick (UL) have officially launched their Specialist Diploma in Regulatory Affairs in (Bio) Pharmaceuticals today. This specialist diploma is available to graduates with a background in quality, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and biopharmaceutical or chemical sectors.

Researchers Squeeze Low-Cost Electricity From Biomaterial

Sarah Guerin a post-graduate student at the Department of Physics and the Bernal Institute, UL

Scientists at UL’s Bernal Institute have discovered that the biomolecule glycine, when tapped or squeezed, can generate enough electricity to power electrical devices in an economically viable and environmentally sustainable way. The research was published on December 4, 2017 in leading international journal Nature Materials.