BNest launch second Social Entrepreneurship Programme

Eamon Ryan, BNest founder, Gert O’Rourke, Nexus Innovation Centre, Mary Shire, Vice President Research UL

BNest, the only dedicated social enterprise start-up programme within the Mid-West is once again partnering with Nexus Innovation Centre to deliver this unique programme, aimed at supporting those driving social enterprise activities in the region. The BNest Programme is specifically aimed at emerging social enterprises. This year’s programme sees 11 participants joining Nexus for a six month programme designed to merge the best of Nexus commercial practices with the additional needs of social entrepreneurship.

Last year nine local enterprises set out and are now actively out there making a real difference to society - in areas as diverse as equine therapy for children, fighting rural isolation, enabling people to deal with difficult personal challenges, enabling access to education, as well as helping give real voice and presence in society to those we too often ignore.

The 2016/17 participants were:

Limericks’s Gateway to Education (Suzanne Roche & Karen Keene): Helping those struggling in early education overcome their difficulties and open a real world of opportunity for them.
Doonmoon Care Farm (Dermot Carroll): Providing a restorative space for those struggling with the mental challenges of their lives.
ADD MidWest (Bridget Kelly & Evelyn Pepperrell): Reach out to individuals and families struggling with the impact of Attention Deficient Disorder across the Midwest with meaningful practical help.
Meitheal Le Capaill Therapeutic Centre (Elaine Murphy): Utilising Equine based therapy to help trauma recover in the most vulnerable.
Ya Ya ACE (Ruth Gilhool): Helping those on the autistic spectrum both contribute and gain satisfaction from meaningful contribution to society that allows them to fully utilise their individual and unique skill sets.
Camphill Carrick-on-Suir (Ronnie Moore & the Carrick Camphill Community): Expanding the opportunities of those with intellectual difficulties to engage and contribute to broader society in ways that recognise their true humanity.
Right Steps (Noel McCarthy): A unique programme that helps empowers individuals who may feel intimidated or oppressed in our current society to feel more comfortable and respected for who they are.
Siul Eile (Liam Fleming): Helping tackle rural isolation by facilitating people to interact in a simple way through exploring their own communities and environments.
PALLS (Margaret Griffin & Rachel Reilly): Actively working with ex-offenders to help create meaningful and practical opportunities to allow them to build new positive lives.

The co-location of commercial and social entrepreneurial programmes is a unique approach and this year’s cohort are embarking on a similar journey covering once again a wide range of endeavours from disadvantaged access to the justice system, a new food cooperative, programmes aimed at binding disconnected communities together and much more.

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