Advance notice of Irish Research Council funding calls

We have advance notice of three calls to be launched in early new year from the Irish Research Council for New Foundations, New Horizons and Research for Policy and Society. We understand the latter programmes will be merged and the deadline is 19th February (to be confirmed) for all three programmes.

Please check the previous calls for New FoundationsNew Horizons and Research for Policy & Society for eligibility terms and conditions. More information to follow shortly.

New Foundations 

4 strands     

1. Enhancing Civic Society            
                                             a. national (€20,000)
                                             b. international (€25,000)
2. Decade of Centenaries (€15,000)
3. Knowledge Exchange
                              a. North-South PGs (€10,000)
                              b. Support participation in HERA & NORFACE
4. Knowledge Exchange for Impact (€5,000)

New Horizons                                                                                                          
               a. Collaborate with STEM disciplines
               b. Establish Horizon 2020 networks

Research for Policy and Society

- research partnerships with govt depts/agencies, underpinning policy