UL Submarine Robot Investigates Historical WWI Ship Wrecks

Engineers from CRIS (Centre for Robotics and Intelligent Systems) at UL and MaREI (Marine and Renewable Energy Ireland) have investigated a series of unknown shipwrecks off the west coast of Ireland. A team of researchers led by chief scientist Dr Gerard Dooly, (UL), aboard the Research Vessel Celtic Explorer used a new automated underwater vehicle, ROV Étáin to carry out the surveys in highly challenging environments.

Health Research Regulations 2018

A set of health research regulations were published as a section of Data Protection legislation following the introduction of GDPR in 2018. Published in 2018, these regulations outline how personal data should be processed and managed in the carrying out of health research; define health research for the purposes of the legislation; describe how to obtain a “consent declaration” for health research already underway; along with some other responsibilities.

UL confers awards on 1,715 graduates at Winter ceremonies

UL, celebrated the graduation of 1,715 students in total across its four faculties as it held its annual Winter Conferring Ceremonies.  Included in this are 67 students who will be conferred with PhD awards.

Among the graduates were Dr Sindy Joyce, Mincéir (Traveller); human rights activist, and doctoral graduate of the Department of Sociology, University of Limerick.  Dr Joyce is the first Mincéir in Ireland to graduate with a PhD.

UL Student Awarded Scholarship to examine conflict resolution

UL Postgraduate Researcher, Cian Kearns has been awarded the 2018 Andrew Grene Postgraduate Scholarship in Conflict Resolution.  The prestigious scholarship, funded by the Conflict Resolution Unit in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade was named in honour of Irish United Nations staff member, Andrew Grene, following his death in the Haiti earthquake of 2010. The aim of Cian’s research is to use risk assessment models to predict the likelihood of genocide occurring, allowing for early intervention to take place.

€3.8 million investment in advanced manufacturing and process engineering at UL

UL has officially launched a €3.8million research programme entitled PROCESS which will attract 26 international researchers to take part in two-year fellowships involving cutting-edge scientific training with access to the Bernal Institute’s state of the art research infrastructure.  PROCESS is the first Marie Curie Co-Fund jointly supported by Enterprise Ireland and Science Foundation Ireland in Advanced Manfacturing and Process Engineering in Ireland.  The programme will also enable the PROCESS fellows to take part in industrial placements across multinational and SME pharmaceutical and dairy processing industrial partners.