Understanding People within their Context
Understanding People within their Context
Understanding People within their Context

Current Student Information

Current Student Information

Important notice: Dr. Carmel Hannan from the Sociology Department is now the B.A. Course Director.


Psychology Administrative Office (E1-026) hours are:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday     11am-1pm
Wednesday   11am-1pm

Student M form can be completed on-line (Deadline for M form submission is Friday 28th April 2017, at 5pm)

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Viewing Days for scripts are 31st January and 1st February.To request a script viewing, please complete the form here and return it to the Departmental office, E1-026, no later than Friday 27th January by 4pm.


Assignment hand in Procedures

DEADLINE time is strictly 4pm on due date. Assignments can be handed in up to two days in advance of due date. i.e. Thursday or Friday before a due date of Monday for example.

1 HARD COPY of the assignment must be submitted into the essay boxes provided which are located outside E1-022. Students must sign their name on the sign in the sheet provided once essay/assignment has been placed into essay box.

1 SOFT COPY of assignment must be submitted on Sulis - Subject Line must read: Module Code, Assignment Title & Student ID eg. (PS4031, Case Study, ID:0236597)

Staples, paper clips, A4 poly pockets, scissors, envelopes etc... must be provided by the students; Staff should not be asked to provide anything.

Late assignments will be noted for the module leader. Please note that late assignments must be hand delivered to E1-026 during office hours. Do not place assignment into submission box after the deadline. Do not leave assignments under module leaders' doors  Failure to submit one or either copies will incur a daily penalty of 5% 

Under no circumstances should you ask a member of staff to print or photocopy any part of your assignment.

All coursework must be accompanied by the Coursework Cover Sheet.