Dr. Stephen Gallagher

Department of Psychology

University of Limerick


Venue: E1-022 (Main Building)

Friday 7th April at 3pm


All are welcome


The biobehavioural correlates of (un)employment stress

Stress is ubiquitous and is essential for survival. However, when it is experienced continuously and for long periods of time, it becomes chronic and its effects are damaging to our body. Unemployment is one such chronic stressor and the present talk will present a series of studies linking (un)employment to health. First, the association between history of unemployment and distress after reemployment will be discussed in the context of pre and post-recession. Second, how the stress of unemployment gets inside the body via hormonal dysregulation will be presented. Finally, the last study will focus on bullying in the workplace while at the same time examine whether those on permanent employment contracts had better cortisol patterns than those not permanent.  . 



Event convened by:

Department of Psychology, University of Limerick

Contact: maria.semkovska@ul.ie