Prof. Gary Donohoe

School of Psychology

National University of Ireland Galway


Venue: E1-022 (Main Building)

Friday 3rd March at 3pm


All are welcome


The brain in therapy – Effects of psychological interventions in mental health disorders

While the role of early life experiences in shaping our risk for, and resilience to, mental health disorders has been a feature of psychological therapies throughout the 20th century, how our experience shapes our brain has only been explored more recently. This talk will focus on cognition and social cognition in major mental disorders, using schizophrenia as an example. After briefly outlining some evidence that cognitive and brain dysfunction is influenced by genetic factors, the effects of environment on cognition will be assessed. The talk will conclude with a discussion of the idea that just as negative life experience has a significant impact on cognition and brain function, so too has therapeutic experience a ‘normalizing effect' on both cognitive and cortical processes. 


Event convened by:

Department of Psychology, University of Limerick