Presentation by our Invited Speaker


Dr. Gráinne Kirwan


Department of Technology and Psychology

at the Institute of Art, Design and Technology



Venue: E1-022 (Main Building)

Friday 24th February at 3pm


All are welcome


The psychological applications of virtual reality


While experiencing a resurgence in public interest in recent years, Virtual Reality (VR) has been extensively utilised within the psychological research and therapeutic community for over two decades. Studies have identified the potential of the technology for aiding in therapeutic interventions for anxiety disorders (phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder), addictions, eating disorders, and the diagnosis and treatment of schizophrenia. The potential of the technology in distraction from pain has also been investigated. Virtual Reality has also been used by psychological researchers to conduct experiments in perception, social interaction, eyewitness memory, and many other topics. The technology also appears to have the potential to change behaviour in the short to medium term through a phenomenon known as the Proteus Effect. This presentation will briefly review the use of Virtual Reality for various psychological purposes. It will consider the emergence of the newer VR technologies, and will provide an overview of the potential risks and benefits of using VR in research and therapy. A demonstration of VR  will be available. 


Event convened by:

Department of Psychology, 0University of Limerick