Quayle, Michael, Dr.

Quayle, Michael, Dr.

Dr. Michael Quayle
061 202059
Course Director M.Sc
Department of Psychology D2-026 University of Limerick Limerick Ireland

My research explores identity, and how active identity production impacts on psychological experiences and outcomes.

Most of my time is currently allocated to an ERC grant to develop a network theory of attitudes (see www.ul.ie/dafinet). This project is exploring the value of multilayer/multimode social networks as a metaphor for the psychology of attitudes. This will help us to understand opinion dynamics as group processes, and will be particularly useful for understanding opinion dynamics and social influence in online social media, like Twitter.


Other ongoing projects include:

• the development of a Virtual Interaction APPlication (VIAPPL) that allows experiments in a context that allows interaction and social network analysis of emergent relationships. See www.viappl.org

• various studies in gender, masculinity and domestic labour

• identity and stigma in health interventions.


You can follow me on twitter (@quayle) or find out more about my work on my personal website: www.mq.ie


Up-to-date information on publications can be found at http://michaelquayle.net/index.php/publications/


For information about the ERC funded Dynamic Attitude Fixing in NETworks project (DAFINET) see www.ul.ie/dafinet  



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