C-SPI 2011 Conference: A Two-Way Street:Social Issues & Social Psychological Research 

28-29 April 2011



The Department of Psychology and the Centre for Social Issues Research at University of Limerick are organised its second Conference on Social Psychology in Ireland (C-SPI): "A Two-Way Street: Social Issues & Social Psychological Research", between 28 - 29 April 2011.

This conference aimed to:

  • provide a forum for applied social psychological researchers to present their contribution to relevant social issues, and critically assess the relevance of social psychological research for social issues;
  • establish links and facilitate dialogue between psychologists and practitioners in community and governmental organizations, concerning social problems central to their activity;
  • bring together junior and senior researchers from various branches of applied psychology, and various methodological traditions (qualitative and quantitative) and engage in theoretical and empirical discussions on relevant social issues;
  • engage and provide a forum for representatives of public organizations to present their activities and involvement with these issues, in order to identify key areas where social psychological research could inform practice. 


Thank you for participating in the conference we hope that you enjoyed it.

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Contact: Anca Minescu
Email: C.SPI.Limerick@ul.ie