Social Psychology

Social Psychology

Social psychology is the study of people in their context; in other words, how other people influence their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Key topics include social inclusion, homelessness, marginalisation, global mobility and diversity.



Dr. Ronni Greenwood

Dr. Eric Igou

Dr. Elaine Kinsella

Dr. Anca Minescu

Prof. Orla Muldoon

Dr. Aisling O'Donnell

Dr. Mike Quayle


Research Groups

Social Cognition and Decision Making (SOCO-UL) Lab


Postgraduate Programmes

MSc Psychological Science (Applied and Social Psychology)

International Master in the Psychology of Global Mobility, Inclusion and Diversity in Society (Global-MINDS)


Research Centres

Centre for Social Issues Research (CSI-R)



Social Cognition Lab

Groups and Identities Lab

AudioVisual Lab