Clinical and Health Psychology

Clinical and Health Psychology

Clinical psychologists apply psychological theories and research to a wide range of mental, emotional, developmental and behavioural disorders. Our key areas of work and research include learning disabilities, depression and brain injuries.

Health psychologists are interested in health and illness and how psychological, social and behavioural factors influence physical health. Key areas of work in our department include the damaging effects of stress on health and how particular groups of people are most vulnerable.



Dr. Barry Coughlan

Dr. Ann-Marie Creaven

Prof. Donal Fortune

Dr. Stephen Gallagher

Ms. Anne O'Connor

Dr. Patrick Ryan

Dr. Maria Semkovska


Research Groups

Study of Anxiety and Health (SASH) Lab


Postgraduate programmes

MSc Psychological Science (Clinical Psychology)

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology



Health and Psychophysiology Lab

AudioVisual Lab