Democratic Performance

The Democratic Performance cluster brings together UL researchers examining democratic and administrative structures and practices in Ireland, the EU and wider Europe.  Based in the Department of Politics and Public Administration, the cluster seeks to understand the factors that shape the effectiveness of democratic institutions and public administration across a number of dimensions including: political participation; representation; civic engagement; decision-making; policy formulation and implementation.

Current projects:
-  Explaining political change in Ireland (funded by the Institute for the Study of Knowledge in Society)
-  Principles to Guide Public Engagement on Policy and Services Development, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform - In response to the call for submissions, Chris McInerney and Cian Finn, working as part of the PPA Democratic Performance cluster,  have prepared a submission entitled Beyond Guidelines – Towards Best Practice in Public Participation focusing on three key areas: Legitimising, Advising and Incentivising.

Maura Adshead
Bernadette Connaughton
Rory Costello
Frank Häge
Chris McInerney
Neil Robinson
Bríd Quinn

Recent publications in this area