Robin Healy

Qualifications: BSc in Sport and Exercise Sciences (UL), 2013
Tel. No: +353 61 202591
Room No: P1-021a


Lecturer in Exercise Physiology

Teaching and Research Interests:

Robin Healy is temporarily covering a Biomechanics lecturing post in the PESS Department. 

In addition Robin is finishing his PhD

PhD Research: Robin is currently enrolled on the Education and Health Sciences Structured Ph.D. programme and is researching the biomechanical specificity of resistance training exercises and their potential transfer to both acceleration and maximal velocity sprinting. 
Supervisors: Dr. Drew Harrison and Dr. Ian Kenny
Funding: Irish Research Council (IRC).

Personal Profile:

Robin joined the Physical Education and Sport Sciences Department in September 2013 after graduating from the University of Limerick with a BSc in Sport and Exercise Sciences (1st class honours). Funding for this research is supported by the Irish Research Council (IRC).

Selected Publications:

Robin Healy & Andrew J. Harrison (2014) The effects of a unilateral gluteal activation protocol on single leg drop jump performance, Sports Biomechanics, 13:1, 33-46.