Dr. Ian Kenny

Qualifications: BSc Sports Science, Diploma in Industrial Studies, PhD in Biomechanics (University of Ulster, UK).

Email address  ian.kenny@ul.ie
Phone number  +353 61 234308
Room number  P1040


Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics

Teaching and Research Interests:

He teaches biomechanics, functional anatomy and kinesiology and also works within the Biomechanics Research Unit in his specialist area of applied sports biomechanics and musculoskeletal modelling. He lectured previously at the University of Ulster at Jordanstown within the School of Sports Studies and was a member of the Sports & Exercise Sciences Research Institute at UU. Ian's doctoral thesis was entitled 'Biomechanical and modelling analysis of shaft length effects on golf driving performance' and he worked within the R&D team for the R&A Rules Ltd. in St. Andrews for the duration of his phd research. Ian's research interests are in the areas of:

* Effects of equipment parameters on the golf swing.
* Golf performance variability
* Musculoskeletal modelling and computer simulation of movement.
* Injury biomechanics
* Sports Engineering

Current Research Postgraduate Students:

Michelle Norris: Longitudinal examination of movement health indices via wearable sensing technology (Co-supervised with Dr Drew Harrison)
Kris Beattie: The Effect of Strength Training on Performance in Competitive Endurance Sports. (Co-supervised with Dr Mark Lyons and Dr Brian Carson)
Niamh Whelan: Analysis of kinematics and muscle activation patterns in athletic practices. (Co-supervised with Dr Drew Harrison)

Derek Byrne: Characterisation of biomechanical and physiological differences between low and high handicap golfers
MCh (master of surgery)
Thomas Kennedy: MCh- Anterior knee pain in competitive cyclists: MRI and kinetmatics findings (Co-supervised with Dr Ross Anderson)

Research Postgraduate Students (Completed)

Catherine Tucker: Is movement variability relevant for the elite golfer? A biomechanical and modelling perspective (Co-supervised with Dr Ross Anderson). Nov 2008 - April 2012
Sarah Breen: An investigation into female maturation and its role in ACL injury (Co-supervised with Dr Drew Harrison). Nov 2008 - May 2012

Ainle O'Caireallain: Jump ability relationship to acceleration and T-test Performance- evaluating agility training in rugby
Shubham Joshi: Degree of pronation/supination experience during barefoot and shod running at different speeds
Selva Prakash: Influence of ankle taping on jump performance
Can Wu: Influence of ankle taping on dynamic balance performance

Personal Profile:

Dr Ian Kenny joined the Physical Education and Sport Sciences department in February 2007. He has a BSc.(Hons) in Sports Science (University of Ulster, 2003), a Diploma in Industrial Studies (University of Ulster, 2003) and a PhD in Biomechanics (University of Ulster, 2006).

Selected Publications:

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