Golf Performance

Golf Performance is a cross-faculty entity at the University of Limerick. It is identified as an ‘emerging interdisciplinary research area’ within UL’s Strategic Plan Research Activity in Sport and Human Performance and is aligned with the “Physical Activity and Human Performance” theme of the Education and Health Science faculty and the “Physical Activity, Health, Lifestyle and Sport” ULBeo initiative. The Golf Performance research area is led by a number of interdisciplinary Principal Investigators at the University of Limerick with expertise feeding in from different department and faculties. Golf Performance at UL seeks to provide research understanding and evidence in golf science in the areas of biomechanics, psychology, and physiology of the player, materials science of the equipment, as well as development of the game for social and physical activity benefits.
Golf Performance in PESS
Within PESS, biomechanical and psychological aspects are a key focus of Golf Performance. Research has included movement and performance analysis of different length putters, vision and technique for putting and drive performance, disabled golfer swing analysis, and return to play after hip and knee surgery. Research has been supported by grant funding from the Irish Research Council (IRC), the European Commission, ERASMUS Mundus, and Enterprise Ireland (EI).
UL PGA Golf Academy
Aim: Establish Ireland’s first University based Golf Academy at the University of Limerick for teaching, research and service.
The University of Limerick in conjunction with the PGA are developing on campus a purpose-built facility with flood-lit golf range, putting and pitching green and bunkers. There will be accredited academic programme delivery and golf-oriented external courses and training in conjunction with the PGA. Commercial club fitting and golf lessons will be accommodated from leading golf equipment manufacturers. There are three branches upon which UL will operate a world-class research-driven Golf Academy: 1). Academic programmes (MSc/ PGA CPD), 2). Golf Performance and materials research, 3).Commercial golf fitting and coaching services.
Current research projects in Golf in PESS

Principal investigators and other research staff utilise a dedicated indoor golf analysis research facility within PESS. The 20 m x 20 m laboratory houses two six-camera high speed 3D motion analysis systems, a golf launch monitor, dual force platforms, eye tracking and video analysis equipment. Current research projects are investigating;
I      biomechanics of return to play after total knee replacement
II     transcranial direct current stimulation tDCS effect on golf performance in young and old
III     the role of vision and quiet eye in golf expertise
IV   strength and flexibility characteristics for golf performance
V   sustainable energy for golf
VI   Relationship of golf shot ball launch conditions to golf handicap
VII   Short-term effects of foam rolling and dynamic stretching on muscle group activity during a golf swing, the effect on shot outcome, and mood state

Key Contacts and Principal Investigators in Golf Performance within PESS
Dr Ian Kenny                                                                    Dr Mark Campbell                                                                                              
+353(0)61234308                                                              +353(0)61234944
Postgraduate Researchers
Steve Fallon
Recent Graduates from Golf Performance within PESS
Catherine Tucker (PhD, 2012)                    Lecturer, Leeds Beckett University, UK
Jacobus Breytenbach (MSc, 2013)             Physiotherapist, Stellenbosch, SA.
Sarah Cunningham (MSc, 2015)
Ian Sherwin (PhD, 2017)


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