Other Research Groups

UL-Stellenbosch: Erasmus Mundus Adapted Physical Activity and High Performance Sport
2012 saw the start of some high profile research collaboration between the University of Limerick and the prestigious South African University- Stellenbosch. The Centre for Human Performance Sciences and Physiotherapy Division at SU collaborated in teaching and research with various UL faculty. Lead by Brigitte Moody, UL received EMMAPA (Erasmus Mundus Adapted Physical Activity) funding for Dr Mark Campbell and Dr Ian Kenny to initiate a large-scale disabled golfer performance study, Dr Amanda Clifford to deliver teaching expertise in physiotherapy, and Dr Drew Harrison to initiate athletics high performance coaching and muscle biomechanics research. The universities benefit from a bilateral exchange agreement for student and staff mobility under the ERASMUS programme.
Motor Cognition Research Network
The field of motor cognition is concerned with understanding action, which includes motor execution and simulation processes. It investigates topics including the cognitive aspects of action preparation (e.g., imagery), perceptual expertise (e.g., anticipation) and metacognitive abilities (e.g., meta-imagery). Both Dr Tadhg MacIntyre and Dr Mark Campbell, who have published extensively on this topic, are the leaders of this group. They apply a combination of the converging methods approach of cognitive neuroscience combined with the expert performance approach to understanding action. This involves what has been termed the strength-based approach  Their research collaborators include Prof. Aidan Moran (UCD), Prof. Christian Collet and Prof. Aymeric Guillot (UCB I Lyon), Prof. Stephen Kosslyn (Stanford) and Prof. Craig Mahoney (HEA) and members of the world-wide Research in Observation and Action group. In 2013, the group has been awarded a grant from BASES to develop an expert statement on the application of imagery in sport, exercise and rehabilitation contexts.