Shayne Murphy

BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Sciences, Uni. of Limerick, 2010
MSc in Sport and Exercise Sciences, Uni. Of Central Lancashire, 2012

Current Position
Athletic Development Coach at Manchester City Football Club. 
Developing and implementing a scientifically underpinned athletic development model for the Academy squads. I utilise "windows of opportunity" to ensure athletes develop the movement and physical literacy required to excel in the next stage of their development.  In addition I am responsible for the provision of the Strength and Conditioning syllabus including injury prevention and individualised corrective exercises. I am the Sport Scientist for the Football Association of Wales and provide Sport Science protocols for the U17 and U19 Welsh International squads. I ensure all protocols (preparatory and recovery) are scientifically underpinned to prepare squads to play competitive fixtures in condensed schedules.

Career Path
After graduating I was fortunate enough to get an internship at Blackburn Rovers FC. The nature of the industry accommodates many changes very quickly and I soon found myself in the position as Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Elite Development Squad (U21s). In total I spent 2 and half years at Blackburn Rovers working alongside some top practitioners in Sport Science and Sports Medicine and gained extensive experience with first team premier league players. Following that I started a role with Liverpool Football Club as an Academy Strength and Conditioning Coach, similar to that at Blackburn but this experience broadened my understanding of Athletic Development and allowed me to fully appreciate the importance of physical literacy at an early age. I spent six months at Liverpool FC again working alongside very knowledgeable and competent people who allowed me to up skill myself and refine the processes I had developed from day one. During that time I was also employed by the Football Association of Wales which was a fantastic opportunity to experience competitive international football.

Cooperative Education Placement
My coop placement was at Cardiff City Football Club and it was the first step into professional football for me. Having played the sport for years it was an exciting opportunity to experience how a professional team in the UK operate. The role enabled me to gain hands on experience in the sport science and performance analyst departments at the club. From there it became increasingly concrete in my mind that it was the sport science/strength and conditioning route I wanted to pursue.  Along with the experience, the most valuable thing I gained was the licence to seek further experience once I finished my degree. Having had previous experience certainly helped me gain the Blackburn Rovers internship and added value to my sport science degree.  

What advice would you give to school goers considering choosing sport and exercise sciences?
It is in no doubt an extremely competitive discipline but there are many opportunities and careers to pursue after graduating with your degree. Be prepared to specialise once you finish but if it’s something you have a major interest in, you will enjoy it and through persistence you will make a good career that is very rewarding and that you have a passion for. 

What advice would you give to future graduates of Sport and Exercise Sciences?
I think experience is always key. Experience and references from top people in the field will enable you to make gains in any discipline and sport science is no different. Speak to as many people as you can, be prepared to work in other jobs for a while and begin to know your trade in a practical context.  Anything that sets you apart from the herd will stand to you in the future. I genuinely feel that you need to invest in yourself before you will get the job you want i.e. internships, qualifications, conferences etc.