Lynne Algar

BSc Sport and Exercise Science 2007
MSc Exercise Physiology 2010
Dip. Physical Therapy 2009
ITU Level 2 Triathlon Coach 2010
Coaching Ireland Tutor (Triathlon Ireland) 2011

Current Position
Athlete Support Officer, Bath University, U.K.
(Physical Therapist & Coach and Tutor for Triathlon Ireland)

Career Path
2007 - 2010: worked as a life guard, swim instructor, and aqua jogging instructor at the University Arena
2007 - 2012: tutor on PE and SES modules at the University of Limerick
2009 - present: Triathlon Coach on Triathlon Ireland’s Elite Junior Squad
2009 – present: Physical Therapist
2010 – 2011: Strength and Conditioning Coach Triathlon Ireland’s Elite Junior Squad
2012 – S&C coach GAA Downs u20s squad, Co Westmeath
2012 – Triathlon Club Ballina Triathlon Club, Co Mayo 
2012 – Participant of the Pursuit of Excellence (Coaching) Programme (PEP) The Irish Institute of Sport

Why did you choose to Study Sport and Exercise Science
All aspects of the SES curriculum interested me, I was good at sport and had a desire to build a career out of it.

Coop Experience
I did my Coop in the Defence Forces, I was based in Cathal Brugha barracks in Rathmines, working with a former SES graduate in the PE office. My main duties included; facilitating health and PE courses for army personnel, fitness testing, designing and implementing fitness programmes. I took the opportunity at the time to renew and complete my full set of life saving qualifications at a course in The Curragh.

What advice would you give to school goers considering choosing sport and exercise sciences?
Choose a course that interests you, in an area that you enjoy, and are good at! The Sport and Exercise Sciences undergraduate course introduces and educates you to work in many aspects of sport including athletic talent development, sport development and training, health, sport analysis, and fitness testing. It equips you in a multidisciplinary way and presents many career opportunities.

What advice would you give to future graduates of Sport and Exercise Sciences
Regardless of the programme aim to become the best Sport and Exercise Scientist. Practical ‘hands-on’ application of the skills you learn throughout your degree is invaluable to your development and future career as a scientist. Applied experience only costs you time, talk to PESS staff, coaches, postgrads, get involved, keep and open mind and learn through experience.