Dr. Paul McCarthy

BSc. Sport and Exercise Sciences, University of Limerick, 2000
MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University
Graduate Diploma (Psychology) Staffordshire University
PhD (Psychology) Staffordshire University
Current Position: Psychology Lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University. I research on emotion and attention in sport performance and I consult privately with athletes.
Why did you choose to Study Sport & Exercise Sciences at UL? I was interested in studying sport psychology and this route gave me the best opportunity to study that subject along with other specifics that I value now such as coaching, physiology and biomechanics as well as economics.
Cooperative Work Experience
I did my COOP at the Sports Department. I was interested in understanding how to run sports events, manage facilities and develop sport within the university. Dave Conroy and Dave Mahedy were my supervisors; each with their own style of management and from whom I learned a great deal about managing interpersonal relations in the workplace.
What advice would you give to school goers considering choosing Sport and Exercise Sciences?
This degree is the first step towards a job. It is not an end in itself. What it does, is it gives you the opportunity to study various fields (e.g., psychology, business, science) before you choose what you would like to do.
What advice would you give to future graduates of Sport and Exercise Sciences?
The only way to learn is to seek out as many learning opportunities as possible whether at home or abroad. I have a thirst for learning that I cannot quench, it drives me each day. I went to England to study and train to be a sport psychologist. It gave me the chance to work in professional football (e.g., Nottingham Forest; Stoke City), golf, boxing, horse racing and many other sports.